ABOUT US    A Kansas City based company with ties all across the country. Our passion is travel, and experiencing what the world has to offer. This love for new places and experiences, is what this company is built around. Our core team is comprised of three unique team members, that bring different talents and skills to the table. Apart from our experiences in travel, the team has an extensive background in guest services, client relations, and business management. We believe these skills are what make us the best in the business.

HOW WE STARTED    We started in Kansas City, with a passion to bring the highest quality stay experience to all guests, cities and budgets, regardless of their travel experiences. We started with one condo located on the 21 mile marker in Osage Beach Missouri at the Lake of the Ozarks. The condo was  underperforming when we took over, but after implementing our proven processes and procedures, we’ve doubled our annual net profit, and we continue to grow our company and the guest experience. Our property was voted Best Vacation Rental in Missouri for 2022.