What is Stayclusive? [Stay Exclusive]

Stayclusive is the guest facing side of RL Property Company.


Where does Stayclusive operate?

We currently operate in the greater Kansas City Metro and surrounding  areas, and the Lake of the Ozarks Missouri.


What are the fees and what do they include?

Our short term fees are 30% of the nightly rate plus cleaning fee (which the guest pays for). You get all of this:

· Professional listing creation across multiple channels

· 24/7 guest support and communication

· Housekeeping and linen service

· Pro-active end-to-end maintenance inspections

· Personal account manager

· Daily pricing review for profit maximization

· Owner financial reports and personalized dashboard

· Home audit


What are the startup costs?

After a free consultation, we’ll create a checklist of items that we’ll need to do to help bring your home to a host ready status. Each home’s start up costs will vary. Here’s a rough example of a home start up:

· Coded door locks, networking, towels, bed sheets, bathroom amenity sets, etc: $1,200 - $1,800

· Professional home photography: $500

· Initial home deep clean: $300 - $500    

How often do I get paid?

Owners will receive a check or direct deposit on the 5th of every month for funds above the initial deposit.


What happens when something breaks?

We are on it. Our team is ready 24/7 to fix anything that may arise during a guest’s stay. We will communicate with you and get your approval for expenses over $300 unless you tell us otherwise.


Do you take care of all the guests needs?

Yes, the guest and the guest experience is what it’s all about.


What if a guest breaks something in my home?

Each guest pays insurance for their stay. If they break an item, it’s covered up to $1,000.


How much money will I make listing a home with Stayclusive?

Every residence varies. We will build a custom proforma for you based on the home and your needs.


How do cancellations work?

Guests will receive a 50% refund up to one week prior to their arrival, less fees.


How does it work if I want to stay in my home?

It’s your home, so you should enjoy it. The owner will only be billed the cleaning expense to get it ready  for the next guest.


Can I set any rules, or does Stayclusive have their own rules?

Stayclusive has a set of best practices but we can customize your homes and the rules as you wish.


How does cleaning the home work?

Stayclusive handles all pre and post stay cleanings.


Can I clean my own home?

Stayclusive will manage all the cleanings to ensure the process follows all current booking platforms  guidelines.


Will Stayclusive manage part of the home if I live in another part of the home?

Stayclusive will only host entire residence listing's.


How often does Stayclusive figure the rental rate per night?

We monitor availability daily and pay for technology that monitors the current markets nightly rate, current occupancy, and other short term market differentiators.


Where will my home be listed for rent?

· AirBnb


· Booking.com

· Direct Bookings

· Stayclusive.com

· Instagram

· Facebook

· TikTok


How does the accounting work?

We handle all operational accounting in house. We will send you an easy to read income statement each month along with your check.


Are pets allowed?

That is your decision and will be listed in the homes pre-booking guidelines.


Are the homes non-smoking?

All homes are non-smoking.